industrial roll dies

Making Your Mark Through Engraving

If you are in an industry such as jewelry, goldsmiths, iron works, gunsmiths, or glass engraving, you are most likely familiar with the science of industrial engraving. This article will focus on how industrial engraving impacts the various work processes today, including manufacturing. Industrial engraving offers many advantages over other marking practices. Engraving, as a professional practice, has been around since the Middle Ages and was widely employed in the old-fashioned printing presses as well as in the craft of those who worked with various metals. An example of a modern application of engraving would be in the U.S. Mint.

A main reason for using industrial engraving is to ensure the easy identification of given equipment or materials. An engraved stamp is the seal of approval, letting the customers or users know that the said company instilling the mark is the legitimate producer or manufacturer of the product. The industrial engraving is also used for safety identification purposes, particularly when hazards are present and you don't want to run the risk of markings being unidentifiable. Once a product or material has been industrially engraved, the marking is a permanent part of the work. It won't fall off or wear off.

The manufacturing industry widely employs industrial engraving. Some of the industries are automotive, battery making, Tupperware products, and machine fabricators. In just about every manufacturing endeavor, you will find industrial engraving as a part of that process. You will find that all of those manufactured parts will have gone through dies (such as industrial roll dies) in their making. Dies are specific tools used to cut and/or shape materials via a type of press. In this cutting and shaping, roll inserts are used as part of finalizing given raw material into a finished product.

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